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Welcome to Bridlington Branch of The Retired Greyhound Trust 

This branch was formed in 2007 with the main aim to rehome as many retired greyhounds as possible to loving permanent homes,. along with going to fundraising events and raising public awareness of these majestic animals.

After using kennels near Hull for two years, the greys are now back on home soil, enabling them to come along on our fundraising events,which is their best way of advertising that they are up for adoption.

Greyhounds make wonderful family pets and companions and our priority is to make sure they find a loving and caring home. We will advise you which dogs we feel will suit your circumstances.Please have a look at the profiles of our dogs and get in touch via the connect link on the contact us page.

"Alpha Feeds"  greyhound complete meal is fed to all our kenneled greyhounds and a majority of our owners greyhounds,  which can be obtained direct from this branch.   

Cut Picture.JPG  The Future Kris Greyhound of the Year 2014. 

Greyhound of the Year

Well done Kris for winning BRIDLINGTON GREYHOUND OF YEAR 2014 then going on to be BEST IN SHOW. So very proud of you and a great ambassador for retired greyhounds - a true "gentle giant" and not a bad bone in his body. See him at all of our fundraising events.

***It is with much sadness I have to report one of our much loved retired greyhounds, Bobby (who was kenneled with Lizzie whilst waiting to be rehomed) owned and much loved by Karen Robson and family,also his greyhound girlfriend, Suzie, went to Rainbow Bridge on 15 October after developing stomach cancer. So very sad. ***

This branch covers Bridlington and the surrounding villages
 If you are unsure if we cover your area please contact 01262 609343 or via the contact us page on this website.

We're on Facebook as well

Sewerby Cricket Club Gala

I have been stopped by a person of good standing in Bridlington, to comment on how we, The Bridlington Branch of The Retired Greyhound Trust, take the time and trouble to make sure that our greyhounds are kept cool and comfortable when we are out fundraising, this was a direct comment about the way we had things laid out at Sewerby Gala for our dogs with plenty of shade and of course plenty of water and our black dogs wearing cooling coats. As most of you are aware it had been extremely hot for that time of year and of course dog health etc are of paramount importance if any body would like more information about dog cooling coats, contact the branch through the contacts page on the web site. We are quite rightly very proud of any comments that show we care for and look after our dogs.           Lynette  


  Every year this branch creates and sells it's own calendar to help raise funds for the RGT. If you would like your dog to appear on one of the pages, then please send the picture you want to appear, and we will endeavor to to enter it in this year if their are more than is required we will hopefully create two calendars for next year.
Send your pictures to which is the email address of the person who creates them.
we need a minimum of thirteen photographs per calendar.  The closing date for entries is 31st October 2014 or the pictures may be handed to any member of the Branch at any event that we do up and till the closing date

Tombola prizes
If there is anyone out their who has anything we could use as a prize on our now famous Tombola stall we would be very grateful if you could get in touch to let us know also, if you are out shopping and can put an extra tin of dog food or a treat for our kenneled Greyhounds into your shopping
trolley I am sure they will be very happy to receive them. You can contact us  by any of the means that appear on this page and we will collect them if you cannot get them to us.

Coats for kenneled greys
As You are know doubt aware by now we have got our dogs in new kennels and once again we are asking you if you can help us out, we have no kennel coats(fleeces) or walking out coats so we are asking you if you can search through your cupboards, Dogs cupboards, sheds, garages etc etc to see if you have any old ones that will help keep our kenneled greys warm and comfortable, especially as we are now heading towards the long cold nights of autumn and winter, if you can help then please contact us on any of the ways on this page, and we will make arrangements with you to either get them to us or for us to collect them, many thanks in anticipation of your help and a great big woof woof from the kenneled grey's.

If you want to keep up to date with our already re-homed Grey's Click on the links below   

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Forthcoming events:

01 November - Pets @ home
Pets at home November 1st 2014 10.00-15.00hrs
15 November - Pets @ Home
Pets @ Home Saturday November 15th 2014 10.00-15.00hrs
29 November - Promenade
Promenades Center 29th November 2014 09.00-15.00
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